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Traffic management plans maximise the safety of the workforce and the travelling public. In addition, TMP’s  ensure the impact of road works is kept to a minimum and as a result traffic flows as freely as possible.


A traffic management plan details what traffic control measuresare required for scenarios where normal vehicle and pedestrian traffic flow is interrupted i.e. Construction projects, roadworks, road maintenance. 

GKTM produce plans for both long and short term schemes. A traffic management plan can identify any particular hazards to the road worker or road user, during the installation, operation and removal of the traffic management and, by using these guidelines, minimise the risks. A plan  includes detailed instructions for the following:


  • Access to roadworks or construction site
  • Traffic Management Signage
  • Routing of Construction Traffic
  • Road Closures
  • Speed Limits
  • Road Cleaning
  • Road Condition
  • Road Closures
  • Details of Working Hours and Days
  • Details of Emergency Plan
  • Communication
  • Traffic Management diagram / drawing
  • Traffic Management implementation
  • Cessation of traffic management plan
  • Cleanup / Removal of works


The development of a traffic management plan begins with quality and detailed traffic management drawings. For Type C roadworks, the drawings can be generic drawings that and experienced crew can follow. Customers can buy these drawings ‘off the shelf’. For more complex scenarios we will work with the client to produce the required drawings.

Type C Roadworks

Type C Roadworks

These roadworks are of a short duration and involve the use of one or two vehicles. For instance, maintenance to utilities or street furniture. When the expected traffic flow is less than the available carriageway capacity or the works do not reduce the carriageway width significantly.

Furthermore, Type C Works can be generic drawings which are sufficient for crews who are suitably qualified and experienced to set up TM. GKTM have sets of generic drawings for all Type C Set Ups. Consequently clients can buy these ‘off the shelf’.

Type B Roadworks

Type B Roadworks

Part-time roadworks that remain in operation when the expected traffic flow is less than the available carriageway capacity. 

These traffic management plans relate to common scenarios and setups. We add basic project information to TM generic drawings and adapt them to site specific conditions. The turn around on these drawings can be fairly quick. However, we would ask that 1 weeks notice be given to enable us to carry out a site survey beforehand.

Type A Roadworks

Type A Roadworks

Full-time roadworks that remain in operation in all traffic flows and all visibility conditions. This type of works typically includes temporary traffic measures that will remain in position for a duration in excess of 24hrs

Our traffic management drawings for type A roadworks are site specific, drawn to scale and show project information in greater detail of project information. Please note, we receive a large number of requests for this type of drawing. To ensure we give the best service, we would ask for a minimum of 2 weeks notice.


Health and safety regulations are continuously being updated.  Our designers, planners, and operatives are kept up to date with the latest standards. We always produce traffic management plans to the highest standards and put the safety of pedestrians, road users, construction workers, and traffic management crew first, whilst ensuring the highest level of efficiency for traffic and pedestrian traffic.