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GKTM provide traffic light hire for the efficient management of traffic flow for roadworks. Thereby providing a safe workplace for roadworkers, road users, and pedestrians. Pedestrian lights can be used as a standalone crossing. Alternatively, they can be integrated with the traffic management system. This allows management of pedestrian traffic alongside vehicular traffic.

Radiolight Portable

Radio linked, battery powered, portable traffic lights. Guaranteed 500m operating distance between signal heads. Easy to use, simple to operate. Quick to set-up and take-down. Extended warranty

Radio link, battery powered, guaranteed 500m operating distance

Multiphase, Double Head & Pedestrian capabilities

3 x 12v batteries per signal providing up to 14 days running time

Detachable signal posts

T-bar security locks

32 channel radios

Vehicle detection

Red light monitoring

Remote control optional

Pedestrian Light

This is a portable pedestrian standard height traffic and pedestrian system, aiding pedestrians to cross safely whilst vehicles are controlled.

Can be used at junctions or as stand-alone

Can be used as Portable or Temporary

Double Head capability

Detachable signal posts

Pedestrian capability

Simple site set-up and installation

Red-man / green-man signals (@ 2.10m high)

Pedestrian push-button (@1m high)

Radiolight Compact

The Radiolight® Compact traffic light.

Radio link, guaranteed 500m operating distance

750kg total weight including trailer

Multiphase, Double Head and Pedestrian capabilities

2 x 12v batteries per signal providing up to 7 days running time

Galvanised metalwork with T-bar security locks

Detachable signal posts

Vehicle detection, Red light monitoring



To ensure efficient traffic management at road works, it is important to select the correct traffic light solution. Portable traffic lights can be setup quickly and easily for short to medium term projects. Temporary traffic lights are a longer-term solution than portable lights. They’re designed to look more permanent than mobile systems and are generally installed for long term road works.


Portable Traffic Lights are mobile traffic lights used to manage traffic around disruptions like road works, diversions, and accidents. A portable light should be used for short-term roadworks. Some will work on timers, going from red to green automatically after a set time.


Temporary traffic lights are used for longer-term roadworks. They’re designed to look more permanent than mobile systems and are installed for works that take a long time. Vehicle actuated lights ensure there is never a build up of traffic and these can be used in conjunction with a temporary pedestrian solution. GKTM were the first company in Ireland to install a three-way temporary traffic light system which included 3 pedestrian lights. The system was operational for a full year.