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Barrier Hire

At GKTM we offer a barrier for every project, from water filled barriers to motorway safety barriers.

Check out our available options and ensure the safety of all involved in your project.

Temporary Traffic Barriers Rental


Safety barriers are road safety systems which can be used to separate roadworks, pedestrians, vehicles and anything which could potentially collide with the work’s area.

GKTM offer a Chapter 8 safety barrier hire service covering all of Ireland. Our available equipment includes:

Mass Guard and Bull Barrier, motorway barriers such as Barrierguard 800 and Varioguard, water filled barriers and pedestrian barriers.

How to choose the right safety barrier?


There are many variables to consider when selecting a barrier system. The type of road safety barrier required for your project will be determined by the traffic management plans, which will take into account factors such as the level of the road and the types of works carried out.

For instance, for works on motorways, safety barriers capable of resisting a stronger impact will be required, such as Varioguard or Barrierguard 800, while for a roadworks scenario which is continually changing, the safety barrier will need to be one that can be re-deployed easily.

Mass Guard Barrier

Mass Guard barrier is a red and white steel barrier designed to keep the workforce and road users safe. This temporary crash barrier is a traffic management staple.

When errant vehicles drive on to the base of a Mass Guard system, it helps to stabilise the barrier during impact.


Bull Barrier Steel Barrier

Bull Barrier is a Chapter 8 compliant red and white traffic barrier.  This temporary safety barrier is characterised for it’s durability and versatility, available in combination with both high and low fencing options.

This barrier is ideal for use in temporary  roadworks where the workforce will be in close proximity to moving vehicles.


Barrierguard 800 Barrier

Barrierguard 800 can be used for temporary & permanent locations. This highway safety barrier is commonly used for motorway works, but can also be used in low speed environments.

On average a team of three operatives will install a 1km length of barrier in one hour.


Pedestrian Barrier

Our pedestrian barriers provide both stability and security with an innovative lockable connector – facilitating pedestrian walkways and road traffic control.

Our Chapter 8 compliant 2m barriers are wind-resistant barriers, both for indoor and outdoor use.


Varioguard Barrier

Varioguard is galvanised steel safety barrier offers unique energy absorbing features and enables rapid installation. This road safety barrier is ideal for motorway traffic management works.

Varioguard has been extensively tested, has a small footprint and can be rapidly deployed.


Water Filled Barrier

Slot Block barriers are red and white water filled traffic management barriers. These plastic barriers are both lightweight and wind resistant, making excellent temporary safety barriers.

Our water filled barriers  fit standard 3.5m x 2m temporary mesh fencing panels.


Trust the Traffic Management experts


Our team have been providing and installing temporary safety barriers for nearly 15 years.

As one of Ireland’s leading Traffic Management companies, we have supplied traffic barriers on hire for some of Ireland’s leading construction projects, ensuring all road user’s safety


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