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Traffic Light Hire

Supplying the most advanced temporary traffic light on the market.


Radiolight HireRadio linked, battery powered, portable traffic lights. Guaranteed 500m operating distance between signal heads. Easy to use, simple to operate. Quick to set-up and take-down. Extended warranty.

Detachable signal head / post

Guaranteed 500m operating distance between signals

Pedlight compatability

Multiphase doublehead compatability

4 year controller warranty

Battery protection Diode boxes

Unique T-bar locking system


Pedestrian LightsPedlight is a portable pedestrian traffic solution. It is available in conjunction with our traffic light management systems and can be used to manage pedestrian traffic alongside vehicles. Some of the features:

Easy-use controller

32 channel radio frequencies

Red-man / green-man signals (@ 2.10m high)

Lockable weatherproof controllers (IP55 rated)

Pedestrian push-button (@1m high)

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